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Linda Larkin is an American actress and voice actress. She is best known for voicing Princess Jasmine in Disney's 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin. She later reprised her role in the sequels, The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves, as well as in the Kingdom Hearts and Disney Infinity video game series.

In order for her to voice Princess Jasmine, Disney required her to lower her voice as it was otherwise too high for the role.

Linda has been working as an Actress/Voice Actress for over 18 years in Film, TV and Vidio games. Though best known as Jasmine in Disney's "Aladdin" franchise, she has also appeared in such films as "Zapped", "Two Ninas", "Runaway Bride", "Ralph Breaks The Internet" and more.Her TV work includes "Ferris Bueller", "Wings", Twisted tales Of Felix The Cat" and more.

For her work at Disney, Larkin was honored as a Disney Legend on August 19, 2011.


Baird appeared in her first film, Bloodhounds of Broadway, in 1950. At age nine she began regular appearances on The Colgate Comedy Hour television show with Eddie Cantor. She did episodes of several different television shows, and an unbilled song-and-dance number with Dean Martin in Artists and Models (1955) (which also featured fellow mouseketeer Nancy Abbate), just before being selected for the Mickey Mouse Club.

Contrary to the impression given by Disney publicity, many of the Mickey Mouse Club cast had some prior experience in films and television. Baird was among the most experienced of these professionals, and performed with the show's "Red Team", or first-string unit, for all three seasons of original programming (1955-1958). Her specialty was tap, but she did other forms of dancing, as well as singing and acting on the show.

After filming completed in 1958, Baird finished high school at Hollywood Professional School, then attended Los Angeles Valley College where she made the National Honor Society and was president of her class. She briefly interrupted her education in May 1959 for a short performing tour of Australia with the Mouseketeers, then graduated from college in 1963 with degrees in mathematics and secretarial science.

In 1964, Baird married singer Dalton Lee Thomas, and, with a male friend of his, worked up a nightclub act called "Two Cats and a Mouse", which faded out, along with the marriage, by 1969. During the 1970s she worked extensively as a live "puppet" for Sid and Marty Krofft among others, doing children's shows such as H.R. Pufnstuf, The Bugaloos, New Zoo Revue, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and Land of the Lost.

Baird did rotoscoping work for Ralph Bakshi's late seventies film The Lord of the Rings. She was the live-action model for the part of Frodo Baggins, for which she did not receive screen credit.

In 1980, Baird, along with the other Mouseketeers, did a television special for The Wonderful World of Disney, reprising her famous tap-dancing while jumping-rope routine. She then joined a smaller number of her colleagues in performing live shows at Disneyland on weekends for several years during the early 1980s.

A native San Franciscan, Willie embarked on his career of 50 years in the animation industry while attending Couinards Art Institute. He was hired on at Disney during the production of Lady and the Tramp. By chance, his very first assignment was with the animation crew working on the iconic spaghetti kissing scene. Upon completion of the feature, Willie went to work at Warner Bros. Cartoons starting at the infamous Termite Terrance. It was so called since compared to a state of the arts studio like Disney, it was a bit to be desired.
He soon joined Chuck Jones unit and worked on such classics as "What's Opera Doc?" and "One Froggy Evening".
Willie was "loaned" out to Friz Freleng to be a layout man on his first credited cartoon, "Prince Varmit" staring Bugs and Yosemite Sam.
Bob Clampett's Snowball Productions was going into production on his classic "Time for Beany" show and since it originally aired as a puppet show, Willie was hire to redesign the characters into animation. "The Beany and Cecil" show now has a "cult" following.
Hanna-Barbera beckoned and Willie joined it's crew in 1962 assigned to the Jetsons series. After a 14 year stint with H-B, and having been involved with some of the studio's classic characters such as The Flintstones, Yogi Bear and Hong Kong Phooey. He also engaged in many other artistic endeavours such as comic books, magazines, cartoons, producing and directing TV specials and independent commercial productions.
Disney studio invited Willie to return in the comic strip department and he returned to his womb, so to speak.
He enjoyed the next 23 years back at the House Of Mouse. Disney Consumer Products was one of the fastest growing dept. and soon found to have over 800 Disney Store world wide.
He was now Director of Character Art International and traveled worldwide mentoring Disney character artist at theinternational locations.
Ito also did some consulting work for Disney TV and helped with the early "Wuzzles" and "Gummy Bears" show which kicked off the Disney Television unit as we know it today.
He has retired to continue illustrating and publishing his own books as well as speaking engagements and comic-con's.


"BOO" From Disney's MONSTER INC.

Mary Gibbs is best known for voicing Boo in the 2001 Disney/Pixar film "Monsters, Inc".. She recently voiced Boo in Kingdom Hearts 3. She is the daughter of story artist Rob Gibbs.

Having been three years old at the time of filming for Monsters, Inc., the crew found that Gibbs was unable to sit still in the recording booth, and so they followed her around the studio with a microphone to record her dialogue. Archive recordings of her cries and screams were re-used for toddler-age Riley Andersen in Inside Out.


Gina Rock was the longest flying Tinker Bell in Disneyland history. She graced the skies for the nightly fireworks show from 1983-2005.

At the age of 18, she was discovered doing gymnastics at a high school competition in the mid-70s by stunt man and aerialist Bob Yerkes. He approached her and offered to train her to be an aerialist in the circus. Gina trained and became very good and was able to join the Ringling Brothers Circus and then later on Circus Circus. While she was on tour with the Paul Kaye Circus, she inquired about Paul’s wife, Judy Kaye, who was currently Tinker Bell in Disneyland, as to how she got the job because she had always been interested in doing that. In 1983, after the complete Fantasyland refurbishment, she went to Disneyland and applied to be the new Tinker Bell. Six months later she was leaping from the top of the Matterhorn to all the guest's amazement. After flying for 21 ½ years, Gina hung up her wings and passed her wand onto the next flying fairy.

Do to her work with F.E.M.A. Gina will, unfortunatlly, not be able to make this years show. Below is a letter from Gina to the fans.


Walt Disney Productions 1956
Not long ago and not very far away and not even once upon a time there actually was a place that never really existed... and still does. Hollywood brought me to the front gate of Walt Disney's Cartoon Studio in 1956. After a long and intensive period of training to become a highly skilled character animator I was laid off. 21 years old.

UPA Pictures 1958
UPA had an opening for a well trained low wage animator's assistant. Writing a few Mister Magoo stories on spec got me bounced up to writer's pay level and an office. 23 years old.

Hanna Barbera 1960
The writing on spec approach got me another writing gig at Hanna Barbera. Flintstones, Jetson, Top Cat, Huck Hound, Yogi Bear and many others too humorous to mention kept me busy writing for six tears. The only person I had to please was Joe Barbera who laughed at all my stuff.

Tony Benedict Productions 1967-1970
Jonathan Winters voiced all the characters in my very first animated cartoon film. The Early Birds was a short cartoon film featuring a battle in the sky between two WW1 aviators. That little film never went anywhere but to the next big thing... a full length animated film

TBP 1969-1972
Making a film is easier than making money, but fools rush in where wise men fear to tread. Joe Barbera had passed pn this one, A YELLOWSTONE CHRISTMAS. It was a project that I had expected Joe to immediatly snatch up. A private investor had me pitch the story to his three young children. A story of two bear cubs in Yellowstone National Park who learn of a big celebration where kids get a lot of giftes on a big day of Christmas. The only catch is bears hibernate through it all and miss out. The kid's enthusiastic reactions sold the investor and the film was funded. Retitled "Santa and thr 3 Bears", it opened in 90 theatres nationally from Thanksgiving to Christmas in 1970 on weekend matinees at 50 cents a tickets and in its first year grossed half a million dollars.

The highly speculative idea of making films set to music by contemporary singer songwriters seemed like a terrific idea long before music videos arrived. A string of tunes illustrated with live action and animation with full four track audio in wide screen Panavision was a bit too soon for it's time. Guitar Picks and Roach Clips crashed and burned after a very brief theatrical release. I sacraficed my own money to assure creative control leaving me with a need to return to the TV cartoon business for some daily bread. Fritz Freleng put me to work writing Pink Panther theatrical shorts and directing Warner Brothers TV specialswith the usual cast of WB cartoon charatcers, Daffy, Bugs, Sylvester, Tasmanian Devil, etc. Joe Barbera brought me back to Hanna Barbera as a story editor on THE NEW JETSONS episodes that seemed quite lame when compared with the sleek 1962 series. The original Jetsons series is my all time favorite Hanna Barbera TV shows.

The digital age found me working on writing content for computer gaming folks, producing a Disney Saturday morning tv series, The Wuzzles, and finally some enjoyable times as an art director at Getty Images. Now I spend my time drawing and speaking at events like Comic-Con, art schools and visits to wonderful places like Florence, Italy and Nemoland.

Rick Law is a producer, filmmaker, creative director, and illustrator who has worked in Hollywood for 3 decades, and with The Walt Disney Company for over 24 years. His work has spanned across all forms of popular entertainment media: films, TV, music, theme park, print, toys, and video games.
Over the course of his diverse career as a content creator for the mouse his artwork has appeared on the covers of Disney VHS & DVDs; he's been a story contributor; and created or developed a myriad of products for the company and it's licensees. Rick was a creative lead in the design & launch of Disney English in China, and also a consultant in the creation of the Shanghai Disney Resort. As Creative Manager for Disney Learning, his responsibilities involved creative oversight of all educational products globally, such as the first series designed for communicatively challenged children. He's been instrumental in fostering projects respective of animation and the Disney legacy including the current Walt Disney Family Museum exhibition: Awakening Beauty: The Art of Eyvind Earle.

Some of his many Disney credits include: Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas; One Hundred and One Dalmatians; The Black Cauldron; Mulan; Lion King II: Simba's Pride; The Adventures of Ichabod & Toad; Tinker Bell; Rescuers Down Under; Piglet's Big Movie; Winnie The Pooh: Springtime For Roo; Tarzan & Jane; Madeline: Lost In Paris; Air Buddies; Snow Buddies; and Space Buddies


Terri Hardin is known as one of Walt Disney's legendary Imagineers. Terri is a sculptor and concept artist for the Disney parks, and also a puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company. She has been with Jim Henson since 1989 and with Disney since 1987. The very talented Terri is noted as being one of the top 10 puppeteers in California. In the mid-80s, she was working at Shafton's Inc., designing "walk-around" character costumes, when Disney signed her up and put her in Imagineering. Someday, Terri will be added to the Disney Legends program for her Imagineering work for the parks.

Some of the attractions she has worked on for Disney are Splash Mountain (three Disney Parks), Captain EO (Disney World, Disneyland), Muppet*Vision 3D (Disney World, Disneyland), Dragon's Lair (Disneyland Paris), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland Paris), Star Tours (Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland), Pan Galactic Pizza Port in Tokyo Disneyland, and Body Wars (Epcot). Terri also helped work on the first prototype meet and greet Mickey Mouse in 2003 that could talk and blink its eyes. The completed project wouldn’t see the public until 2010. She was part of the original pitch idea for Tower of Terror by sitting in one of the elevator cars while they pulled her hair up with string as she screamed to give the perception of free falling.

She has a long career doing puppeteer work or prop sculpting for films such as Ghostbusters (1984) as the face of Stay Puft, a demon dog, and the librarian, Dune (1984), Men in Black (1997), Men in Black 2 (2002), The Flintstones (1994), The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas (2000), Dinosaurs (1991) as Baby’s arms, The Indian in the Cupboard (1995), Monkeybone (2001), The Country Bears (2002), Theodore Rex (1995), Team America: World Police (2004), Jungle 2 Jungle (1997), The Relic (1997), The Wickedest Witch (1989), Bruno (2000), The Popples (1986), DNA (1996), Mars Attacks! (1996), The Muppet Movie (1979), Wild America (1997), The Eighteenth Angel (1997), King Kong (1976), and The Low Budget Time Machine (2003). For television she did work for Days of Our Lives (1965-present), The Puzzle Place (1994-1998), Lost on Earth (1997), Oral Roberts Celebration (1981), and Renegade (1992-1997).

Remember the Foster Farms commercials with the chickens? She was in over 40 commercials for them as the creator of the chicken puppets and the puppeteer for the passenger chicken. If you grew up in the 1980s you might remember the McDonald's commercials with the Chicken McNuggets that danced around on screen. Terri made and puppeteered those as well.

Hopping back over to Disney, Terri does sculpting and was responsible for creating the "Jewels of the Park" figurine set which included ride vehicles from Fantasyland. She also sculpted some limited edition collector’s figures like the Bat Stanchion for the Haunted Mansion along with the Organ Master, and the Grave Digger and His Dog. Sculpts she did for Pirates of the Caribbean would include the Captain's Bed and the Pirate Jail.

Besides still contracting with Disney, Terri teaches pumpkin carving classes in fall and also teaches sculpting classes. She also does public speaking. Terri does commission sculpts and does private limited edition Disney character sculpts of characters such as Remy, Stitch, Jiminy Cricket, and Baby Groot. She sells these figures on her website

If you want to know why Terri is considered the #1 Star Wars Fan, you should stop by her table and ask her about it. She has written the book "Tales from Terri: A Disney Sculptor's Life" and can sell you a signed copy. You can also see more photos and read more about her in her biography.

Tom Matousek's award winning artistic journey began with studying and drawing cartoons as a child. His talents quickly developed into a highly successful and meteoric rise to fame as a prominent mural artist. Experimenting with portraits, Matousek developed a technique composing faces using sharp geometric forms. At first glance, his style appears to focus on individual shapes and colors, yet is truly more about light value causing the human eye to view his work in a way that manipulates the shapes and colors involuntarily to find a cohesive form. He has been the artist in residence for the DDR Corporation, and has been featured at Art Basel in Miami, Fla. He was the featured artist at the world's largest chalk festival in Pasadena, Ca. in 2013-14 and his painting of Frederick Douglass was selected by the U.S. government as the official logo for a year long celebration honoring Mr Douglass. More than anything, he loves being a licensed Disney artist since 2016 and licensed with Chuck Jones Galleries since 2017.

C. Andrew Nelson is an award winning artist, actor, writer, consultant, and motivational speaker. Andrew has had many ties to The Walt Disney Company over the span of his career. He served as a visual effects artist on such Disney feature films as Enchanted and Race to Witch Mountain, and worked on the stereoscopic conversion of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Andrew has also been a consultant for Walt Disney Imagineering and the theme parks division.
Andrew spent four years as a visual effects artist at Industrial Light & Magic. His VFX credits at ILM include Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Galaxy Quest, Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Perfect Storm, Jurassic Park III, The Time Machine, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
Prior to joining ILM, Andrew worked for nearly six years at LucasArts Entertainment Company where he served as a visual effects supervisor. At LucasArts he helped create and design such popular games as Dark Forces, Rebel Assault II, Full Throttle, The Dig, Jedi Knight, Curse of Monkey Island, Masters of Teras Kasi, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, and Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine.
In addition to his tenure with the Lucas companies, C. Andrew Nelson is a consulting VFX supervisor and animator for some of the top effects, animation, and post-production facilities in the U.S. His credits include Rocky Balboa, The Last Mimzy, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Rush Hour 3, The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Kite Runner, Jumper, and Witness 11.
No stranger to academia, Andrew served from 2002 to 2004 as the Visual Effects Director for the School of Animation & Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. At the university, he presided over the school’s visual effects curriculum and trained the next generation of VFX artists. Andrew routinely consults for various networks, studios, and developers such as Nickelodeon, MTV, PBS, Fox, Hasbro, Electronic Arts, and others. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society.
But Andrew is probably best known for having spent twelve years portraying the character of Darth Vader. Andrew, who began playing Vader for Lucasfilm in 1994, has portrayed the infamous dark lord in the Special Edition re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy, in the Rebel Assault II and Dark Forces games from LucasArts, as well as in commercials, television shows, print, games, and live appearances. He has managed to spend more time in the official Vader costume than any other actor.
Beyond Darth Vader, Andrew has appeared in numerous feature films, television series, commercials, and print ads. He is also a much sought after voice-over artist having lent his vocal talents to numerous games, animated films, and interactive multimedia projects.
Andrew and his wife Veronica Loud - a gifted actress, voice-over artist, singer, print model, and photographer in her own right - live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their two children.
Second time published author, Joshua Shaffer, has spent his adult life frequenting Disneyland. One year while on a Disney vacation, it struck him that he should write an all-inclusive book compiling every bit of information into one vacation guide that cannot be found anywhere else. It started with that simple notion and has evolved into this final work. As a hobby, he spends much of his spare time researching and investigating to find out the facts not just the rumors on a variety of topics. Joshua has been a cartoonist and artist since the age of ten. His first edition of Discovering The Magic Kingdom: An Unofficial Disneyland Vacation Guide was released on October 1, 2010, and his second edition was released July 17, 2017. The second edition has over 3,700 exciting "fun facts," is packed with over 750 photos, trivia, a scavenger hunt, ways to help cut park expenses and so much more, you'll never leave for Disneyland without it.

In 2007, Theme Parkology was established with its first documentary, Disneyland 1955-1959. The disc covered the history and changes of Walt Disney's famed park through its first 5 years.
Fast forward to 2018 and theme Parkology has over 40 DVDs in 8 different categories;
The Theme Park Series - Frontier Village, Universal Studio, Disneyland 1955-1959, Disneyland 1960-1969, Disneyland 1970-1979, Disneyland 1980-1989, Disneyland 1990-1999, Fantasyland from Past to Present, Walt Disney World: The Magic Kingdom
The Land Series - Fantasyland Ride-Thru
The Attraction Series - The Jungle Cruise, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Indiana Jones Adventure, The Haunted Mansion, The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Country Bear Jamboree, Tom Sawyer Island, Rivers of America, Storybook Land Canal Boats, It's A Small World, Matterhorn Bobsled, Autopia, The Monorail, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, Tower of Terror, The Phantom Manor
The Forgotten Attraction Series - The Submarine Voyage, The Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland, Rocket to the Moon with The Flying Saucers, Carousel of Progress, The Skyway
The Dark Ride Series - Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and to be released at Mouse-Con, Peter Pan's Flight
Theme Parkology Presents - The Enchanted Secrets of Disneyland, The Main Street Electrical Parade
The Character Series - Tinker Bell: The Secrets Behind the Pixie Dust, Jiminy Cricket: The Journey Through Conscience, Just Goofin' Around, Betty Boop: What A Gal
Theme Parkology Audio CD - The Haunted Mansion
Many of these documentaries feature an interview with such Disney personalities as; Margaret Kerry (original Tinker Bell reference model), Eddie Carroll (voice of Jiminy Cricket), Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy), Ron Schneider (actor and Puppeteer), Tom Nabbe (Disney Imagineer and Actor), Bob Gurr (Disney Legend and Imagineer), Rolly Crump (Disney Legend and Imagineer), Terri Hardin (Disney Imagineer/Puppeteer), Garner Holt (Audio-Animatronic Builder), Alan Coats (Disney Imagineer), Ben Colcol (Disney Imagineer).
And I just started a new Theme Parkology Magazine which focuses on the behind the scene stories within the world of Theme Parkology and features special guest contributing to various articles.
Gavin Doyle has been a Disneyland enthusiast since his first visit at age four. His first memory is of a rainy day where the park was joyously empty. The pure bliss of walking onto any ride with no line fed his initial love for Disneyland. He continues to hope he will have the same luck on New Year’s Eve, as he returns annually on the most crowded day of the year to celebrate his birthday.
Gavin is now the editor of, the website that focuses on educating the Disney enthusiast through exclusive interviews, breaking news updates, and photos from Disneyland. Over the years the site has received numerous features in outlets including Forbes, the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, the Los Angeles Times, and many others.
Gavin founded, the ultimate online planning resource for Disneyland. This free website helps guests to find the best deals on tickets, hotels, and other excursions. Also, guests can find information on the best restaurants, souvenirs, and time saving strategies. Now, is growing to be one of the most popular Disneyland planning websites on the web with over 2.5 million visitors in 2016.
Gavin Doyle is 19 years old and a Sophomore at the University of Southern California studying Business and Cinematic Arts.

Jeff Baham is the founder of and the Mousetalgia podcast., founded in 1997, has been credited by many inside and outside of the Disney company as the leading source of news about the Haunted Mansion attraction, and Mousetalgia has been called the best Disneyland-centric podcast by the industry-leading "Unofficial Guide to Disneyland" for nine years in a row.

"I'm a monster kid, born in the '60s, growing up in the suburbs just a quick bike ride from the dime store," Baham explains when asked why he started a Haunted Mansion website over two decades ago. "The three weeks or so of the Haunted House season - starting the day in October that the costumes, masks and make-up hit the drugstore shelves - were the highlight of each year. I can distinctly remember the gleeful aroma of a new Ben Cooper plastic Halloween mask on my face to this day. More importantly, I also always owned a copy of Disneyland Records' "The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion." In fact, I went through a number of copies of "The Haunted Mansion," because I had a tendency to trace the pictures in the read-along book, often with the vinyl still in the gatefold."

Baham founded the Mousetalgia Podcast in 2008. Mousetalgia is a west coast-based audio show about Disneyland and Disney history, broadcasting a new episode every Monday. Alongside co-hosts Dave and Becky Breiland and Kristen Pfeifer, the group discusses the latest news at the Disneland Resort and interviews Disney legends, authors and artists each week. The podcast recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and 500th episode.

In 2014, Baham wrote "The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion" published by Theme Park Press, which reached the "Top Seller" ranking in the "Theme Parks" category on Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water, Crimson Peak) writes of the book: "Having delved into Disney lore for decades and been immersed in the Haunted Mansion world since age 3, I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about my favorite ride ever. I was wrong. Prepare to be enchanted, bewildered and mesmerized by this beat-by-beat account of the Haunted Mansion's creation. A haunted tour that is both scholarly and thrilling. An "E" ticket ride to the darkest, most glorious regions of Disney's imagination!" Imagineer (and original Haunted Mansion designer) Rolly Crump wrote the foreword, and Disney Legend Floyd Norman wrote the introduction. The book is available at
The No Midnight Podcast Channel celebrates, reviews, and (let's be honest) pokes fun at all things related to theme park culture including coverage of Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and theme parks worldwide!
With three shows a week, there's something for every fan on the No Midnight Podcast Channel.
Visit them online at No Midnight Podcast



Disney in the '50's with Guest: WILLIE ITO
Disney Studio circa 1954, a milestone year. "Lady and the Tramp" in production, "Sleeping Beauty" in early animation, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," and Disneyland was in development. "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" was being filmed with Disneyland in development

A look at th history of Disneyland through the lens of dozens of amature photographers as we offer viewers a humorous slideshow of never-before-seen photos from Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdon, Disneyland.

A Spotlight on an Original Mouseketeer... SHARON BAIRD
A look and Q/A with Sharon Baird. One of the original singing/dancing Mouseketeers from the original MickeyMouse Club.

Join Joshua Shaffer (Author "Discovering The Magic Kingdom"), C. Andrew Nelson (Actor, Darth Vader and Visual Effects Artist) and Jerry Cornell (Documentary Film Maker). The three Guests have worked on several "Theme Parkology" projects and will talk about their collaberations projects and individual talents./font>

A Spotlight on Aladin's Jasmine, LINDA LARKIN
A great chance to meet and here stories of working one of Disney's biggest Animated Franchises.

Tomb Sweet Tomb: 50 Years Of The HAUNTED MANSION
Learn about 50 years of chills and thrills with a behind-the-scenes look at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction. Author Jeff Baham ("The Unauthorised Story of Walt Disney'd Haunted Mansion) will take you on a tour of the attraction with rare photos and little-known information about the creation ot the world's greatest dark ride. Here Baham tell stories in a way that filmaker Guillermo del Toro has called "enchanting" and "mesmerizing".

Imagineering Concept Design to Reality with TERRI HARDIN
This takes you from the drawing or beginning of designing a ride or attraction with Imagineer/Ride designed... TERRI HARDIN

Disney Days and Beyond with Guest: TONY BENEDICT
How Tony spent his many years in the animated cartoon business where making money for being funny was about as much fun as anything in life ever ought to be

Come help cheer on the folks in Costume and have some fun in our 5th Annual Mouse-Con Costume Contest


Yup! Its official! We will be having a Disney Costume/Cosplay contest.

That's Right Fans.. Come dressed up as your favorite Disney Cartoon/Live Action Princess, Hero or Villain! As always we encourage Cosplay and Costumes... but this year we are going to Have a Prize for the best ones. All Costumes will be Judged by Our Celebrity and Artist Guests.

We will have multiple Prizes for Multiple Categories
Prizes Include...
Adult: Best Costume 1st Place $20.00
2nd Place $15.00
3rd Place $10.00 ea
Adult: Fan Favorite 1st Place $ 10.00

Children: (15 & Under) 1st Place $20.00
2nd & 3rd Place $10.00 ea
Children: Fan Favorite 1st Place $10.00

NO: Nudity or Heckling
Costumes can be home made and store bought
Extra points for creativity
Props can be used, Be respectful of others
Must registered the day of show. Sign up at the Registration at 2pm.
Must be a paid attendee of the convention.
Children's category is for ages 15 and under.
Adult's category is for ages 16 and up.
Couples costumes or group costumes will be counted as one entry.

At (about) 4:00 pm, (After the Costume Contest) Come take pictures with the Fans, and EVERYONE IN COSTUME is invited to take a group "photo shoot" to be used on the MOUSE-CON website and Face Book for all to see.


Don't forget to pick up your official Mouse-Con T-Shirt. And the T-Shirt will only be $10 each ($12 for 2X and 3X)... And now, we have an Exclusive "Tote Bag" Limited to only 25 for only $5 each. Have some fun and Support the show.

Here is a quick look at the Amazing Tote bag design we had at the 2018 Mouse-Con!

Here is a quick look at the Amazing T-Shirt design we had at the 2018 Mouse-Con!


There will be exhibitors/dealers from all over selling everything from Disneyland, Disneyana, Disney Toys, Disney art and Limited Editions, Movie Posters, Figurines and of course...Pins! All exhibitors will have a minimum of 50% "Classic" Disney/Disneyland/Disneyana

And MORE to Come!

So keep checking this website for more details


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